Growing cannabis without the hassle of manual data entry

The Importance of Data Entry

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”  Daniel Keys Moran nailed it on the head with this quote.  And we know that data collection is an important part of any endeavor.

Any progress, whether in business or personal ventures, needs feedback and data is the key. Gathering data helps businesses measure the effectiveness of new processes and helps them better understand their business. This is why data entry is a valuable role in all fields. 

Commercial cannabis growers are very aware of this fact. Compliance requirements make it impossible to ignore the value of speedy and accurate data entry. 

Limitations of Manual Data Entry

There are two ways to approach data entry. Manual entry requires human labor to record compliance and additional data points that a local cultivation deems critical.  The second approach is through the use of software automation. While both methods have been employed, manual entry has been the conventional ‘go-to’ method for decades. 

Even as automation technology has become more widespread, the cannabis industry still relies heavily on manual entry.  The limits of manual entry, especially for large cannabis operations, are all too glaring.

Manual data entry is time consuming and prone to human error. A cultivation that relies heavily on manual data entry also spends an enormous amount of time tracking down errors. Even the most meticulous employee will make a mistake. 

How Yobi Fits In

Our technology helps growers streamline operations and makes inventory management and compliance a breeze. Our team has built supply-chain management software for top global brands such as Amazon and Harley Davidson. We’ve taken that experience to deliver a world class system for the cannabis market. Here’s a brief summary of how our service can helps cannabis growers manage inventory and compliance:

  • Our easy-to-use platform tracks every single plant or product in their facility throughout the cultivation and manufacturing process.
  • We provide an all-in-one RFID handheld that dramatically reduces labor costs. It updates plant location and integrates with supported scales to automatically measure and record harvest weights. RFID detects a plant’s ID without having to locate and scan a barcode. Customers save up to 75% of the labor associated with manual or barcode-based systems.
  • Stake-holders can easily understand key performance indicators with our dashboards.
  • Historical information is archived so growers can continually improve their processes using data driven decisions.

Management can monitor platform use to ensure accuracy. Commercial growers reclaim precious time needed to focus on other important aspects of the business. Every cultivation manager needs more time to focus on processes and quality control. The results are higher profits in an era of downward price pressure.If you’d like to learn more about Yobi and how we can help you improve accuracy, let us know!