3 reasons Cannabis Cultivators use Yobi

As a cannabis grower, the decisions you make either help you build a long lasting, successful business or make it difficult to ever achieve profitability. This is why you need to invest in the right technologies that will help you stand out from other cultivators in the cannabis industry. 


You have  probably implemented other systems to grow your business, such as watering, ventilation and lighting systems kudos! However, while your expenses go into using the right lighting technology to create the ideal growth environment for your cannabis, you should also invest in management software, and when talking about management software Yobi is just the king! 


Yobi is a user-friendly seed-to-sale software made by top-level engineers that helps all licensed operators automate their inventory management and get rid of the stress in customer relationship management. So, here are the top three reasons to try Yobi for cannabis growers.


  1. Your all-round cultivation solution


Whatever makes your cannabis cultivation seamless is a huge win don’t you think? So, leave the stress behind and get in with Yobi, a flexible and easy-to-use growth management platform for keeping track of your plants. 


Yobi helps you monitor your plants throughout the processing life cycle and cultivation. We know, it was more common to handle data manually before the introduction of seed-to-sale software but leave the past in the past! Yobi is the one to help you track down data entry errors and automate this process fully. 


With Yobi, you can also create harvest batches using RFID-enabled handheld technology. Simply connect this device to supported scales, and it will capture the wet weight of your plants at harvest. You can then reduce labor costs and increase their productivity by letting your staff only confirm the weight of the plants.


This all-round cultivation solution doesn’t just stop at harvest but extends to rapid facility audits. Yobi helps you audit your inventory in a few minutes without relying on searching for plant tags to find out the plant’s ID. This system supports METRC plant tags, reading thousands of IDs faster than you can ever imagine. To sum it all up, you can view all your stored data on your grower’s dashboard at-a-glance. With these key performance indicators, you can understand the aspects that need improvement and input better tactics to help you grow quality cannabis.


  1. Flexible POS and Store Management System for Dispensaries


Dispensaries are not left out of the effectiveness of Yobi. You can save yourself a lot of headaches, time, and money by using this flexible dispensary management software. One way to take the stress out of being a cannabis grower is to improve visibility across your operations with an efficient data manager. Yobi helps sync your data across all devices to ensure that you are always updated in real-time, and your team has the right information at their fingertips. Dispensaries can enjoy the real-time sales reporting feature on Yobi, eliminating the need to manually export sales to METRC’s application. This is done in real-time while it also pre-populates your purchase orders with accurate information on your package and quantity. If you struggle with inventory reconciliation, Yobi’s efficient store management system ensures that both cannabis and non-cannabis inventory reconciliations reflect in METRC automatically.


  1. Improve your revenue


Yobi is designed to reduce the possibility of errors throughout your cannabis cultivation cycle. With this, you can eliminate heavy losses and improve your business revenue. Yobi gives you access to key performance indicators in the industry that will help you make data-driven decisions. With this seed-to-sale software for growers, you can spot trends, track inventory, and measure the performance of both your product and employee all at the tap of a few buttons. Yobi is excellent for managing your retail operations using POS that reduces customer wait times. So, you can say goodbye to guesswork and work with real-time data with guarantees of a better harvest at the end of each cycle. The CRM integration helps you monitor order checkout and order fulfillment seamlessly.


Need more reasons to try Yobi for cannabis growers? Well, all it takes is a trial, and you will have many more. This seed-to-sale software specially designed for growers is all about making your cultivation process easier and faster.